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Creation versus Culture

Everyday life in the oikoumene, cultured and civilized world resembles stress. Worrying about what we should eat, job and shelter security. The architectural or built up world celebrates conquering land from nature, and close to nature lifestyle. But joining the seemingly winning team doesnt fit in the long run. There is worry to maintain your possessions and social attachments. Everything is a uncertain bet.

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The Image of the Beast, what is it?

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

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Trinity, yes or no?

We can see God's character in creation, His sense of humour and happiness is reflected in how cute some animals are, funny and playful. However what is not self evident and needs scriptural research is the Godhead.

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Survival Pro Tip: short hair

It can be usefull to be a beggar in a street pushing a cart and being weird, no one will notice in certain settings. Any character has its role. However this can sometimes offset some people especially in posh neighbour hoods or busy shopping centers.  So in general it is more usefull to really go unnoticed by keeping the hair on your head really crisp and short, no matter if it is done hastily with shears or really good with a trimmer... it does look well-tended to. 

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Update concerning brother Anthony Patch

Anthony Patch (former paramedic) removed himself from all platforms including patreon, brighteon, bitchute. If anyone liked his stuff and wondered where he went you can still find him at https://www.subscribestar.com/anthony-patch/subscribe and https://anthonypatch.com/. For me as former patron, this is where our paths separate. As I look back on a great series of lectures and study, I am gratefull for their expertise and kindness in helping the dutch effort in operation rooftop.

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Does the Vaccine change DNA? Scientific Proof

The mainstream docters like Diederik Gommers from the Netherlands states 3 Januari in the Magazine "Margriet"(Daisy): No, it does not change your DNA... For converting RNA into DNA you need an enzym, reverse-transcriptase, that is only present in some viruses like hepatitis-B or HIV.

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