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Published on 17 November 2020 at 17:42

Mongol army organization Arban aka squad of 10 archer persons. Designed to be self-sufficient and move on its own. Carrying with them is spare transport. Tools for repair. Clothes cooking utensils and other supplies. Often they traveled with a felt tent and brought sometimes even animals for food. The mongol army was designed to the lowest rank to be self-sufficient and mobile. Its today's in the army is mimicked in survival courses but not put into practice as it are centralized powers.

Selecting your unit or being grouped

1 man is smart and has a compass. A crowd is stupid and is self-destructive. Often agreeing with preset leaders. Do never take part in marches or protests or riots. When something like that is in your area leave. Always be aware of actual news and planned news of local area so that you can react. In the economic exclusion your closest family and neighbours are not in any way shape or form obligated to help you. Thats why  in the times of the economic exclusion/the mark of the beast you should have an close unit made up by likewise in the faith. Think about what kind of system you have. Mobile group with men, static group with children and women included or 2by2 witnesses as seen in Mark 6.


Unit with children 1/3 speed

Unit with untrained men 2/3 speed

Unit with body fit and right-headed men 3/3 speed

Unit with trained men 4/3 speed

When speed is low consider to occupy a fortified position or splitting up permanently or untill the goal is reached.

Women to men dynamics (No)

When there is an all men unit when only one woman entering the setting the whole dynamic changes, man suddenly start talking more politically correct and some man start behaving like simps. I noticed this in the workplace. Men will start "thinking motivated by attraction" instead of using their full common sense. However those who are in permanent cohabitation with women are not going against their feelings and nature, but however are restricted by their obligations.

Women have useful sensors, color a man's life and are the one and only caregivers (Yes)

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend. He told me that women, indiginous people, and ancient chinese have long hair and are because of that more intuitive to the spiritual world. The hair having silicates and metals in it, acting as an atenna. Same phenomena occurs when the hairs of the cat stand straight. Women often know when you can trust someone or when something fishy is going on or going to occur. That is why in the Bible men are commanded to have short hair and women long hair so that they complement each other.

Through the millennia women have colored mens life through decorating the home. If it depended on the man everything would be dark and functional. Women have a special gift to keep things tidy and focus on the details being in order within the home and caring for kids and animals. Men are more plant and hard labor focussed. There is something to say for both cases of including or avoiding female members of your survival crew. However when you know the Body of Christ has all members regardless gender or creed you know the best thing is to include our fellow humans when its the right thing to do. Not because you throw all rationality overboard but because of the principle: together out, together at home. This theme has persisted since Adam and Eve. And the right thing to do is to show unconditional love even if the circumstances are hard.

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